Saik'uz First Nation Administration Department

The Administration Department is responsible for the smooth functioning of the Band Office and of the Saik'uz First Nation administration.



Contact Photo - Tracy Appel.pngTracy Appel (General Manager)

Tracy began her tenure at the Saik'uz Administration in the Finance Department, but moved into the General Manager position in early 2019. As General Manager, Tracy is tasked with overseeing the daily activities of the Band Office, improving overall business functions, training heads of departments, managing budgets, developing strategic plans, creating policies, and communicating organization goals. She is the organizing force of the Saik'uz Administration and acts as the liaison between it and the Saik'uz Chief and Council.

Contact Photo - Sasha Striegler Iannone V.2.pngSasha Striegler Iannone (Communications Manager)

Sasha joined the Saik'uz Administration team in July 2019. The Communications Manager is in charge of overseeing all internal and external communications for the Saik'uz Administration, and ensuring its message is consistent and engage. As such, Sasha's main duties consist of preparing detailed media reports, press releases, and promotional materials meant to connect the community with the going-ons of the Saik'uz Administration.


Contact Photo - Melissa Thomas.pngMelissa Thomas (Special Events Coordinator)

Melissa Thomas is a new addition to the Saik'uz Administration, having joined the team in late October of 2019. As the Special Events Coordinator, Melissa's primary duties include working closely with the event host to determine all the requirements for the events—such as venue, budget, staff needs, catering, and so forth—and then working with the host to ensure those requirements are met. Many of the events since November have had Melissa's hand in them!