Lands & Resources


My name is Kasandra Turbide- I am a member of the frog clan and the manager of Land and Resources. Currently, my job consists of administrative duties and attending various meetings regarding the industry, projects, and environmental issues within Saik’uz Territory. I am a part of the Omineca Project Team for the Environmental Stewardship Initiative (ESI) which is a collaborative working group consisting of
employees from the Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations and Carrier Sekani First
Nation representatives.

ESI was created due to increasing concerns over the several proposed liquefied natural gas pipelines (LNG) and is a result of the Pathways Forward Collaboration Agreement. The purpose of ESI is to develop trusted information based on traditional and western scientific knowledge to assess the cumulative effects of natural resources development on the landscape and to help inform land/water decisions. These projects are based on Valued Ecosystem Components (VEC) such as biodiversity, moose, and watershed/riparian/anadromous fish. The information collaboratively produced from the various projects will be used to help inform a future Resource Management Plan for CSFN territories. Currently, the project team is working on “immediate measures” applied to forestry – a letter of understanding has been signed between the seven major licensees in CSFN territories and the project team.

Our office staff currently consists of myself, two Saik’uz monitors, a Natural Resource Liaison, as well as two consultants who focus primarily on forest health issues, and forestry.

Saik’uz Monitors have been working on documenting site series (plants), stand structures (forest composition), road classification, and the annual Kokanee count at Finger/Tatuk. This program is incredibly important in my opinion as the Monitors are our eyes and ears on the land- collecting data with GPS coordinated pictures which is increasing our ability to be stewards of the territory. They are currently building their capacity with Forest Technician consultant over the winter season, and are working towards proposing changes to forestry management practices as a part of the immediate measures process.

Ashley Raphael is our Natural Resource Liaison- her position is funded through the Oil and Gas Commission’s Aboriginal Liaison Program. Through her position, she is learning about various government agencies, regulations, and natural resource development processes to assist both Saik’uz
and Nadleh Whut’en. The goal of her program is to help community members voice their overall concerns around resource development, safety, environmental and emergency management. If Saik’uz members have any concerns within our territory please contact Ashley – she can document your concern, research the legislation related to the issue, and help file a complaint with a Natural Resource Officer if necessary. This can all be done confidentially if requested. She can be reached in the office, or through email at We are proud that Ashley has developed a moose protocol this year which aligns Conservation Officers with community members to help salvage moose that have faced mortality through traffic incidents.

The Land and Resources Department was created in 2013 by Jackie Thomas in order to review the TransCanada Coastal Gas Link, Newgold Blackwater, Innergex, and PNG Looping projects. The office operates through capacity funding that is negotiated through our government to government agreements, as well as successful proposals such as the Forest Opportunity Fund.