Chief and Council

Priscilla Mueller.png Chief Priscilla Mueller

Priscilla Mueller is the elected Chief of Saik’uz. She has served three previous terms on the council and brings with her those years of experience. Chief Mueller additionally sits on the board for Carrier Sekani Family Services, the Carrier Sekani Tribal Council, and for the First Nations Major Project Coalition.

Prior to her election to council, Chief Mueller worked in the education field for 15 years and built many relationships with local youth, being instrumental in providing support in any way that was needed. She is passionate about the role of culture in community healing and governance, believing it is important “to continue to practice our traditional ways and to teach our younger generation the ways of our ancestors.”

Chief Mueller is of the Tachek Whut'en (Grouse Clan), the granddaughter of the late Celina John, and the daughter of the late Mary (Mazie) Teichroeb. She is married to Reg Mueller, with whom she has three adult children and one grandchild.

Circle Logo - Saik'uz First Nation.png Councillor Alison Johnny

Alexis, Jason.png  Councillor Jason Alexis


Jasmine-Thomas-pic.jpg  Councillor Jasmine Thomas

Jasmine Thomas is a Dene woman and frog clan member currently residing in Saik’uz. She has been involved in various national and community-driven research projects and other educational initiatives related to the inter-connectedness of the environment, health, and community well-being. Jasmine has done advocacy work around environmental, climate, and social justice issues based upon an Indigenous rights framework. She has experience in youth and community engagement and planning, and is currently serving as an elected Councillor for Saik'uz. Jasmine also has been recently appointed to the Board of Directors for the BC First Nations Technology Council and volunteers as an Advisory Committee Board Member for the Vancouver Foundation's new LEVEL Youth Granting Program. 

Rodney-Teed.jpg Councillor Rodney Teed

Rodney Teed is of the grouse clan, born and raised in Saik’uz.  He finished high school and went on to trade school (BCIT – gas fitter)  Infrastructure in various places such as Saik’uz, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary!

Rodney has a passion for his horses, singing, Native dancing, and his family.  As a young man, he enjoyed such things as hunting and trapping with his Dad and Grandpa and loves every day out here in Saik’uz.

Rodney also plays in a band “Playing for Keeps” which focuses on both Country and Rock music.  He is the proud father of 1 son, 1 daughter, and 3 grandsons, and has been happily married to his wife, Amber, for over 30 years now!