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The Saik'uz Health department is dedicated to providing high-quality, accessible health care for on-reserve members. If you require physical, mental, or emotional care, the Saik'uz Health team is here to support you. If you are a Saik'uz member requiring assistance accessing health services on- or off-reserve, please feel welcome to reach out to us.

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September 16, 2020

Contact Photo - Regina Thomas V.2.pngRegina Thomas is the Health Manager for Saik'uz First Nation. Her duties include advocating for Saik'uz First Nation, managing the delivery of programming and services to members, and ensuring the smooth operation of the Saik'uz Health Centre.

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My name is Regina Thomas. My grandparents are the late Morris and Dr. Sophie Thomas. My mother is Minnie Thomas and my late father, Lloyd Laboucan. I am from Saik’uz and sit with the frog clan. I am honored to working for my community as the Health Manager.

I have lived in Saik’uz all my life until moved away in the fall of 2001 to attend UNBC, which I did not return until the fall of 2018 to begin work as the Health Manager.

My work involves several vital components to the health of our nation. I was tasked with the management of the health centre, and the program and services and to look at the viable option of becoming independent and operating our own health program and services, thus moving away from under the umbrella of Carrier Sekani Family Services and obtaining our very own agreement with First Nation Health Authority (FNHA) who are responsible for the health services and programs for all First Nation communities in British Columbia.

I am working on the new and updated Community Health Plan for Saik’uz which, is a major component to our own agreement, as well the Request for Proposals to submit a proposal to undertake the preparation of a feasibility study for a new proposed health centre. I also manage several different programs that I have submitted proposals for which were successful. These program dollars are geared for assisting the community members towards a different approach to life. I am also working with CSFS to develop a strategy and plan for our independence. This process has been a major one as there are many facets involved to this and many things to consider. All involved want this to be successful for all involved and is a mutual agreement.

The independence of our nation with regards to health lies heavily on countless meetings with CSFS, FNHA and our nation so that our health services and programs will continue yet be upgraded in ways that are beneficial to Saik’uz, and the membership. I look forward to our independence, and to successful partnerships when it comes to our health.

As we move forward our culture is at the forefront of my mind, and is a vital component to our mental, and physical health and will be incorporated into our new health plan. The cultural sensitivity of our people will remain first and foremost when it comes to developing our health programs, and the services the professionals provide. The two can work together yet independently so that the best possible care is provided to our membership.

I attend several different events as well as managing our health. These Annual General Assemblies (AGA), Northern Caucus’, Summits, Conferences, and Committees keep me updated and abreast of the ever-changing health programs, dollars, and direction. I am always on the go, and many things to consider when it comes to health. It encompasses the entire person and not just one facet of the person.

I want the best for Saik’uz! My at’soo and her words are always in my head, “do your best” and I bring that teaching with me wherever I go and whatever I may do.

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windows-8.pngLinda Holmes - Community Health Representative


Contact Photo - Peter Louie.png Peter Louie - NNADAP Wellness Worker

Peter is one of the newest additions to the Health Centre team and a member of the caribou clan of Stellako First Nation. He cites his passion for wanting to help people in need and that are suffering from addictions as his reason for becoming a counsellor. After working with Carrier Sekani Family services through ARP (addictions recovery program), Peter decided to return to school and completed a five-month course in advanced counselling training. He is proudly nineteen years sober, and hopes to use his first-hand experience to bring compassion, empathy, and understanding to his position.

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