Economic Development

Vincent Wickham, Economic Development Manager

Saik’uz First Nation’s Economic Development team would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to our former Economic Development Manager, Jason Alexis, on his recent election to Chief and Council. This achievement is a testament to his dedication and passion for the Saik’uz First Nation community.

As Councillor Alexis embarks on this new chapter of leadership, we wish him immense success and fulfillment in his role. His experience and commitment to the betterment of this Saik’uz community will undoubtedly contribute to positive growth and development.

Stepping into the role of Economic Development Manager is Vincent Wickham. With his diverse experience in government management and administration, and his passion for supporting our community’s needs, Vincent is eager to continue the important work initiated by the former Manager and the team at Saik’uz First Nation.

As Vincent settles into his new responsibilities, he is committed to maintaining the momentum of ongoing projects and exploring new opportunities for the economic well-being of Saik'uz First Nation. Your support and collaboration are crucial in this journey.

Please feel free to reach out to Vincent directly by e-mail if you are interested in collaborating, discussing potential projects, or establishing meaningful connections to foster relationships. Your insights and contributions are highly valued, and we welcome the opportunity to work together towards the shared prosperity and sustainable future of Saik’uz First Nation.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Warm regards and all the best,

Saik’uz First Nation – Economic Development Team


Introducing Our New Community Delegate Program

We are thrilled to launch our new Community Delegate Program! This initiative is a fantastic opportunity for both on- and off-reserve members to represent our community at various important events such as conferences, tradeshows, and gatherings.

Purpose of the Program
Aligned with the Chief & Council's commitment to promoting growth, healing, and leadership, this program is designed to inspire a strong sense of responsibility and ensure equitable opportunities for all Saik'uz members. By participating, you will not only represent Saik’uz but also gain invaluable experiences that contribute to our collective goals.

We understand the diverse challenges and barriers our members may face, and we are dedicated to supporting each participant, ensuring fair and accessible opportunities for involvement.

How to Apply
To take part in the Community Delegate Program, please submit your application from May 1 to May 31, 2024. Applications can be made in person at the Band Office or by email at For a detailed overview of the program guidelines and policies or to submit your application electronically, please view the Community Delegate Program Policy.

We encourage all interested members to apply early to ensure your application is considered.

Important note: Please be aware that only Saik'uz First Nation staff can approve community delegates for events. Ensure your application is complete and accurate to facilitate the approval process.

Why Join? 
Joining this program is more than just attending events—it’s an opportunity to make a significant impact and enhance community growth. Don’t miss out on your chance to contribute to and influence discussions at key gatherings!

Need Help? 
If you have any questions or need assistance with your application, please feel welcome to reach out to us at the Band Office. We are here to help!

We look forward to welcoming many of you to this empowering new program.